Mantra the Truly Rockin, Rock Band

Mantra love to rock, and they are truly a rock and Roll band that love to p,ay high energy Guitar driven Rock.  Hailing from the East Coast of Australia, Mantra are well oiled rock outfit of seasoned musicians. Not content to be victims of the latest musical trends or fads, the boys from Mantra step to their own beat, and that is one of high energy rock, and their new single Hot body is a prime example of this.


The lead single of their forthcoming album release due later this year “Hot Body” is an all out modern rock song. With big guitar driven tones massive bass and drums “Hot Body” is indicative of the trademark Mantra style that redefines wall of sound. This rollicking rhythm is then topped off with the charismatic lead vocals of Andrew Mann creating a high energy anthem for those who love to party. With infectious riffs and hooks paired with lyrics that lean toward fun and frivolity “Hot Body” doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is a fantastic prelude to the positive high energy rocking vibe we will see coming from the band in future releases. So if you are looking for rocking party anthem look no further.


Mantra’s New Single Hot Body out now on iTunes and Spotify.



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