Music Producer and Mix Engineer

James a music producer, and audio engineer and who has mixed music professionally for over a decade. As a result he has produced over 100 albums, and been producing and making since the 1990’s.  Now working out of Heliport Studios Queensland since its inception in 2010 James was the Studio director that got Heliport Studios, to the illustrious position as of one of top 6 studios in the country as voted by Tone deaf music blog in 2018.

James has a large and varied range of production credits to his name. Making music in just about any genre you can name from Rock, Jazz and Classical  right through to Baroque EDM and Country.  From producing singer song writers, bands, classical musicians and jazz artists James has the skills and the studio, to get your music recorded with the highest quality.

Being studio director and the primary resident producer at Heliport Studios, has seen James have to apply his production style too many different genres and musical applications.

Working alongside some of the worlds top producers, has taught James many techniques in Big studio production (now seen as a dying art)  and he has incorporated these techniques into his production arsenal.

Live tracking has become the corner stone for the way James produces bands. The dynamism and energy captured when a band is recorded playing together cannot be achieved any other way. This combined with wall of sound layering techniques, used by the likes of Phil Spector, Butch Vig and Cenzo Townsend leaves an indelible footprint on James production work and has earned him a reputation for the lush big studio sound with depth and sonics,

James conducts his sessions in a way to get the best out of the bands dynamic and infuse that energy on the record, whether it be a big commercial rock album or Indy Ep release.

Not just a producer for bands and solo artists, James also writes his own work, as well writing arrangements for clients . A multi instrumentalist James often writes accompaniments for projects and fills out the composition with whatever is needed whether that be keys, guitar, bass,

With more and more modern recordings being produced in bedrooms, Mix engineers are now more important than ever, the ability to develop works and process them into a professional sounding mix that can compete on the charts and radio is an imperative. James can mix your work on the SSL Duality, (the worlds most revered mixing console) for that big studio sound. or when budget or location is a factor or James can provide E Mixing services for clients anywhere in the world.

“World class studio gear is one thing, but it’s knowing how to use it through tried and true techniques that are used by the worlds top mix engineers to maximise the gears potential. Through mixing on an SSL duality mixing console, SSL summing mixers and a huge array of plug-ins and unique techniques I can provide you with best sounding finished product” –James Russell

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