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Graphics, Sound and Video Resume

I am currently looking for some part time work to supplement my income as the Studio Director at Heliport Studios, a recording studio business that I have been successfully running for over 10 years, and have developed an extensive music production resume. I have been doing graphics, design and visual art for many years, long before completing my diploma. Below are some examples of logos, business cards, book designs and album art I have completed for clients recently.

Graphics and Design                                                                                                                             2008-2019

  • I have extensive graphics experience having run my own graphics business for over 14 years, specialising in logo design, print design as well as all other illustrator applications.
  • I have in-depth Photoshop experience and am adept in all forms of bitmap manipulation, from photo treatment, composite creation and digital painting.
  • Having over ten years experience in developing and building websites enables me to code in HTML, with experience in PHP and CSS code platforms. I have spent the last few years creating websites on the WordPress platform and have experience in template configuration, visual composer and plug in installation.
  • I have had many clients over that period from publishers to property developers please see attached examples.

Audio Visual                                                                                                                                     2010-2019

  • Over the last 10 years I have acted as Studio Director at Heliport Studios, during which time I have acquired experience and an extensive resume as a record producer and sound engineer.
  • Working from Heliport Studios has also allowed me to gain extensive experience using video editing suites such as Premiere Pro and After Effects, creating numerous keyed seminar videos for Pease International and other clients.
  • I am also competent in sound design, After Effects animation and title design.


Diploma of Multi Media                                                                                                                            2008

In 2008 I completed a diploma of Multi Media at Sunshine Coast Tafe and was the first student at the time to fully rig and animate a model in 3D Studio Max and graduating the course with distinctions. Over the years since completing this course I have stayed on top of the developments of technology in the field.


I have a skill set that can be applied to any creative application, from music production and sound design, to graphics work that can be applied to all design applications from logo design and print to all forms of digital design and image manipulation. Also as illustrated above I have the ability to apply my design skills to film and TV production.

  • Illustrator, vector creation and logo design.
  • Image manipulation, composites and digital painting through Photoshop.
  • Sound design recording and production including aptitude in DAW programs such as Audition, Pro Tools ,Ableton and Logic Pro.
  • WordPress Website building and development
  • Video sequencing, effects and animation in Adobe After Effects including Green Screen Filming, image keying and composition.
  • Video Production, editing and rendering in all formats MP4, MOV and MKV etc.
  • I am also a highly skilled sketch artist that can draw both realism and caricature.
  • I have experience both behind the camera and in front as camera operator, set director and on screen presenter.


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