August 15, 2016
Producer: James Russell

With 17 Years under his belt as a pianist, vocalist and musician,

Ant Syms and his band TOWN have been hard at work writing,

playing and creating music that hopes to

deliver a punch to the Alternative folk / rock soundscape.

With bassist Mark Davies and drummer Richard Graves,

TOWN draw influence from a diverse blend of punk, rock, jazz, blues and soul.

Led by by piano and vocals, driven by rock Drums and grounded by double bass and bow,

The music is Defined by a unique mix of heart felt tributes,

waltzy ballads, boot stomping rock and slow building moody tension.

The sounds evoke imagery of dark alley ways and howling dogs,

broken bottles and hearts, battles lost and things found.

Where roads cross and paths meet, where the lights are dim and Whiskey is your Sin.

Welcome to TOWN.

© Copyright James Russell 2018 All Right Reserved.