Festival Hall

Festival Hall band
October 13, 2015
Festival Hall
Producer: James Russell

Festival Hall’s debut EP brings a strong Rock presence with numerous incredible vocal performances. The blazing intensity of Ben LeVesconte’s vocals, and catchy Rock motif’s create a unique blend of classic Rock in a modern environment.

From the opening track to the end, the listener is taken on a wild ride that leaves you wanting more. The EP begins with “Jesus Wore a Spacesuit”, a unique track that gets straight to the point and lets you know what you will be in for the rest of the EP. The chorus is irresistibly catchy, and will leave you singing along within mere listens. The distortion featured on Ben’s vocal throughout the EP is incredible and is a testament to the Production & Mixing skills of Sound Sauce in house Producer/Engineer James Russell that helped the band bring this project to life. EP highlight “Terrible Tuesday” is a track that you can imagine being destined for any major scene in a blockbuster action movie, and never ceases to get old. This track is pure Rock n Roll.


Overall, Festival Hall’s debut EP is a very strong first impression from the band, which will leave many fans wanting more, and waiting in anticipation of a debut album.

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