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Mixing is the process of, balancing each individual track in the project and its instruments, using Eq, compression and effects to create a cohesive piece of music, and then  “bounced” down into one high quality stereo audio file. James Russell  offers two kinds of mixing, a mix style know as” Analogue Summed” mixing meaning a mix done wholly inside the computer, but then run through an SSL Sigma unit which is basically a Console head unit without the channels, This is the best kind of Mixing as it gives all the convenience of “in the Box ” style mixing but with the legendary SSL analogue sound.


Hardware or Console mixing is the other style of mixing and is a process that has been used to finish records since the sixties. At the Helm of the Heliport mixing set up is the SSL Duality the latest console developed by SSL which is revered a the worlds best mixing console, it is said that more hit records have been mixed on an SSL than any other mixing console in history, bands like Guns and Roses , U2, Metallica, Coldplay, and many more have all been mixed on an SSL as far as studio mixes it is the Holy Grail, if you want the classic big studio sounding mix, get it done on an SSL. As far as SSL consoles go, the best sounding mix board you can get nowadays is the flagship SSL The Duality.


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